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Manufacturing Closets for the industry
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Closet professionals and contractors . . . .     Maximize your Profits

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Install it .....

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4 unit

4 unit

Available in:

  • Twelve different colors
  • Standard drawer fronts
  • Four custom drawer fronts
  • Standard hardware

Custom Closets Ordered and Installed

Precision Cutting

CNC Machining Center

High Quality Edge Banding

Our products allow you to design simple and elegant closets and are intended for Closet companies or professionals related to the trade.

Flexibility, Quality, and Service are elements which set us apart.  Let us share with you 30+ years of experience in manufacturing Closets. Working with us is like having a Closet manufacturing company of your own. We have made it easy for you to design for the most demanding customers.

All parts are set to factory specifications such as height of rods and location of shelves. We use cutting edge technology in our state of the art factory located at Beltsville, Maryland to bring your parts accurate to within half a millimeter.

Sample Layouts